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| Members Only | NQF 5 | 10 Credits | SAQA Registered | ZAR 2, | i-Brochure | Virtual Academy of South Africa | 2014 |

This programme is about facilitation of learning using a variety of given methodologies. Formal recognition will enhance their employability and also provide a means to identify competent learning facilitators. People credited with this unit standard are able to: 1) Plan and prepare for facilitation; 2) Facilitate learning; and 3) Evaluate learning and facilitation.

Members Only | NQF 4 | 17 Credits | SAQA Registered | ZAR 2,500 | | i-Brochure | Skills Programme | Community Campus | 2014 |

This programme is about basic project management, working as a project team member and organising project meetings and workshops. People credited are able to: 1) Explain fundamentals of project management; 2) Work as a project team member; and 3) Plan, organise and support project meetings and workshops.

| Members Only | NQF 6 | 10 Credits | SAQA Registered | ZAR 4,300 | | i-Brochure | Virtual Academy of South Africa | 2014 |

This programme is for people who conduct internal or external moderation of outcomes-based assessments. Those who have achieved this unit standard will be able to moderate assessments in terms of the relevant outcome statements and quality assurance requirements that are fair, valid, reliable and practicable manner. In particular, people credited with this unit standard are able to: 1) Demonstrate understanding of moderation within the context of an outcomes-based assessment system, 2) Plan and prepare for moderation, 3) Conduct moderation, 4) Advise and support assessors, 5) Report, record and administer moderation, and 6) Review moderation systems and processes.

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